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Lemon Power

Lemon Power.  Lemons are 5 percent citric acid and can be used for a variety of cleaning and home uses.  Dilute 60ml lemon juice in two litres of water as a glass cleaner.  While straight lemon juice can be used as a degreaser.  Now You Know!

Drain Pans Needed

Is your washing machine or water heater old and weak? A potential mess just waiting to leak? The new products you see in new construction model homes often take years to hit the remodel and repair market, and when they do arrive, homeowners are often just as slow to buy them and to include them in their plans. One such idea available now that's often overlooked are drain pans that go under clothes washers and water heaters that can catch and drain water leaks to the outside. If a water heater is located anywhere other than the basement, drain pans are a must. Damage resulting from such a leak can often cost more than buying a new appliance. So, when it comes time to replace one or both appliances, include drain pans in your purchase. If either sits upstairs in your home today, be aware they present a potential leak and mess. It's best to add braided, stainless water hoses, too.

Baking Soda

Reuse Baking Soda, for example once it has served its purpose as a fridge deodorizer you can put it down your sink to help keep your drains clear.

Microwave Safe

Not sure if a dish or cup is microwave safe and you're not up for a bit of trial and error, you can test it by leaving it empty and placing it in the microwave along with a measuring cup filled with water. Heat both for one minute at the highest power and check the temperature of each one. If the dish or cup is cold and the water is hot, it's microwave safe, but if both are hot it's not!  Now you know!

Gas Range

Gas gets hot faster and is a more cost-efficient source of heat – but remember – when converting from an electric cooktop to gas, make sure to upgrade the range hood as well. Look for a hood that exhausts the number of cubic feet of air per minute recommended by the cooktop maker. Remember: A hood for an electric cooktop must exhaust only vapors from cooking food. A hood for a gas cooktop must also exhaust burner gasses.  Now You Know!

Now You Know

Baking soda can help control problem areas of moisture, such as cupboards under sinks.  The powder will have to be stirred occasionally to ensure maximum results.

Now You Know

Borax can be uses as a deodorizer for general washing as well as an insecticide.  Now You Know

Really Dirty Laundry

´For a really dirty load of laundry add 2 teaspoons of eucalyptus oil to your washing machince for a fresh scent along with anti-microbial benefits.  Now you know!

Washing Machine Check

Check water inlet hoses at least once a year on your washing maching, if they need replacing, two types are available. They are same-size rubber hoses or braided, stainless steel hoses, which last far longer.

Install a fan

Ceiling fans and roof turbines - whether its summer or winter-can save energy and thats good for your wallet and the environment.  Now You Know!
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