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Energy Audit

Cook in bulk

Make larger portions when you cook and freeze the rest.  This way, you are only preparing the ingredients once, dirtying the dishes once and by only cooking once you save on the energy costs!

Oven Use

Evaluate your oven use.  Do you really need to heat the oven or could you utilize a toaster oven or sandwich maker...this small change will save on electricity.  Now you know!

Phantom Electricity

Eliminate phantom electricity.   Put appliances such at TVs, DVD players and microwaves on a power bar.  When you go on vacation or travel for more than a few days, you can actually turn them off and save a lot of electricity.


Keep an eye on the dryer.  Empty the lint filter on your dryer with each load so the dryer is more efficient, safer and uses less energy.

No Brainer

Tip:  Turn off the faucet.  A single dripping hot water faucet can waster 802 Litres of water a month and increases your gas or electric bill for heating the water.  Now you know.

Dishwasher Considerations

Dishwasher Considerations: Tougher new rules have slashed the energy and water dishwashers can use to get the Energy Star seal. But you don't have to live with dirty dishes or endure even longer cycles. Better yet, some of the biggest energy misers are also easy on your wallet. Dishwashers built since January 2012 must use about 9 percent less electricity and 27 percent less water to meet the Energy Star standard.
Energy Star standards for dishwashers could add a wash-performance component as soon as January 2014.

Save Energy - Save Money

Consider a light dimmer.  Any light bulb dimmed by 25 percent will use roughly 20 percent less energy.

Energy Audit

Conduct an Energy Audit of your home to see where and how you can make improvements to your energy efficiency and ultimately save yourself money!  let us know what you are doing to make a difference.
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