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Remove Stains on Clothes

Paint, grease or ink stains on your clothes, try using eucalyptus oil to help remove the stains.

Defrosting food

Don`t use running water to thaw food.  Plan ahead and defrost food in the refrigerator to save water.

Baking Soda

Reuse Baking Soda, for example once it has served its purpose as a fridge deodorizer you can put it down your sink to help keep your drains clear.

Washing Machine Check

Check water inlet hoses at least once a year on your washing maching, if they need replacing, two types are available. They are same-size rubber hoses or braided, stainless steel hoses, which last far longer.

Keep Your Cool!

You need to replace the door seals on your refrigerator when they're old, dried out and cracked; they let cold air escape. Energy bills become higher, too. Get a new seal installed to keep your cool!

Range Hood Cleaning

Been doing a lot of cooking lately? Been using your kitchen range hood to draw out smoke and excess moisture without removing and cleaning the filter? If it's been a while since you checked it, or if you never thought about it all, today's a good day to get it done. Up inside, you'll find a mesh filter -- probably a bit sticky from built-up grease. Remove it and let it sit in a sink full of hot water and liquid dish detergent. Then scrub both sides with a brush and rinse clean with more hot water. While there, wash out the inside of the hood, too. An important tip to remember: putting your filter in the dishwasher gets it nice and clean. This is true, but it leaves a greasy film behind that's really hard to get off. Besides messing up the dishwasher inside, it can clog the drain lines.

Kitchen Appliance Quick Fixes

The garbage disposal is jammed; the gas burner's cooked; you're afraid to give the dishwasher a look. What can you do? When a bad day for appliances is plaguing you, try these simple fixes: For the disposal, make sure the power is off. Then open the cabinet and look on the bottom of the disposal housing. You'll see a hole for a hex wrench that you can use to manually unjam the blades. For the stove, the problem might be clogged burners from dropped food and grease. Clear them with a toothpick so they burn free. For the dishwasher, if it's OK for the moment, run it weekly to keep seals and gaskets moist and put a teaspoon of mineral oil inside on the bottom for the days in between.

Food Storage

Wondering how long something's been in the fridge? Has it been days or months? The reason we refrigerate is to slow bacterial growth -- and the magic number for food safety is 40 F. Above this temperature, bacteria grows rapidly. There are two types that affect us. One is spoilage that deteriorates and ruins food; the other is pathogenic, which is far worse (because whereas food looks and smells all right, it could make you sick and even be dangerous). Food stored at 35-40 F lasts longest. But how do you know how long is OK? As rule of thumb, store cooked leftovers no more than four days. Raw poultry and fresh meats should be stored just one to two days maximum. To keep track of what's up front (and way in back), use a marking pen masking tape and post-it notes. Date everything you open or put away.

Cooking Trends

Are you a fan of gourmet fare, or someone with no time to spare? Today you'll learn the latest in cooking trends. Here's what's cooking: Two distinct groups shop in today's appliance market. First are the growing number of gourmet cooks who like to get involved in the cooking process. The second major group consists of singles and couples with demanding careers, heavy schedules and/or kids. Representing those with no time to spare, the gourmets eschew convenience features, like timers, programming and digital readouts in favor of gleaming restaurant-quality stainless steel gear. Those with time concerns and pressures want and need as many conveniences as they can get.  Let us know what type of cook you are.

Dishwasher TLC

Your dishwasher works on and on day after day, don't take it for granted.  With a little TLC, it'll last far longer.  Remove the front kick plate (to look for water leaks). Spotting trouble early is key here.  Vacuum out dust, too -- especially around the motor.  Check the spray heads inside. If they're clogged, clean them and soak them in vinegar, if needed. 
Check the door gasket and, if it's hard or cracked, have Bug`s appliance Repair replace it!
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