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Spring is on the Way!

With Spring on the way it is the perfect time to do some duct and vent cleaning to your furnace.  Clean the carpets and wash down the walls and cupboards.  Give away anything you have not used since last Spring and Summer.  Last but not least- replace the batteries in your smoke dectors.

Front Load Washers

While today's high-tech, electronic-laden front-load models are more expensive, they're far more efficient in many ways: They wash clothes better due to their tumbling action as opposed to agitators. The tumbling action is gentler on clothes. And, in addition to using a third less water, they use a lot less electricity. There is, however, a downside. New front-loaders use a different type of low-foaming laundry detergent. It's needed because there's less water to rinse it away. And, excess suds can reduce the tumbling action. If you're using one of the new front-loading washers, be sure you use detergent specially formulated for it.

Trophey Appliances

George Simpson invented the electric range in 1889. Having only one model to pick from made things easy for homeowners. But as more stoves and other types of appliances became available, choices got tougher. Today, Professionals say don't think big. Avoid big expensive trophy-model appliances. Buy with function and style, energy-efficiency and easy-clean surfaces in mind. And don't forget a good exhaust fan.

Creating the Good Life

Living the lifestyles of the rich and famous means having all the latest amenities to to make life easier.  Convenient accessory refrigeration in the form of ice-makers, beverage centers, temperature-controlled wine refrigerators and mini-refrigerators cleverly built into cabinets and drawers and hidden under counters and in shelves throughout the house ensure that one never has to go far for a chilled glass of your favorite beverage. Precise temperature and humidity controls with super-quiet hush refrigeration compressors are leading the way in creating the good life. .

Stove Tip

Turn down your stove element once a pot starts boiling.   Lighly boiling water is the same temperature as water at a roaring boil and requires only a small amount of energy to keep boiling.

Easter Is Coming!

Good Friday, Easter Sunday!  Plan to cook your families Easter Dinner worry free by having Bugs`s Appliance Repair make sure everything is working properly!
Remember to book through email and be entered to win Fifty Dollar Gift Card!

Washer or Range Fault Code

When either your washer or range comes up with a fault code, unplug it for a half hour.  This may reset it.  IF not, give us a call and we can come take a look for you!

Icemaker Issues

Here's how to trouble-shoot an icemaker that isn't making cubes. Before fretting about the cost of repairs, check the obvious. Is the wire arm in the up position? If so, move it down to turn the icemaker back on. It's problem solved that easily! If the problem is small cubes, check for a clogged water-supply line. If freezer temperatures are set too high, it causes problems, too, and icemakers don't cycle properly. Set it at 8 degrees, or lower, for crisp, clean cubes. If these simple quick fixes don't do it, it might be time for replacement. Icemakers typically only last six to 10 years. If you do go shopping for a replacement, be sure to take along the make and model number of your refrigerator. Or just give Bug`s Appliance Repair a call.

Drain Pans are a must.

Is your washing machine or water heater old and weak? A potential mess just waiting to leak? Those nifty new products you see in new construction model homes often take years to hit the remodel and repair market, and when they do arrive, homeowners are often just as slow to buy them and to include them in their plans. One such idea available now that's often overlooked are drain pans that go under clothes washers and water heaters that can catch and drain water leaks to the outside. If a water heater is located anywhere other than the basement, drain pans are a must. Damage resulting from such a leak can often cost more than buying a new appliance. So, when it comes time to replace one or both appliances, include drain pans in your purchase. If either sits upstairs in your home today, be aware they present a potential leak and mess. It's best to add braided, stainless water hoses, too.

Hush Refrigeration

 Precise temperature and humidity controls with super-quiet hush refrigeration compressors are leading the way in creating the good life.
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